I got Raptured

The Rapture.
Friends described this ride as epic, others as fun.

Deets: 70 miles of logging roads over the coast range and back again with zero services and 6800 ft of climbing. Sounded like a challenge and something I thought I would come out with a smile and calling fun as well. Epic bike rides are what I love and live for. The Rapture pushed me a little far.


I knew I was on my own for most of the day, as the friend I came out with was riding single speed, and others I knew I wouldn’t be able to pace with as they took off out of Flying M like this was a race. The ride starts with climbing out of the gate, about 2900ft in the first 10 miles. It had started spitting rain and the temps dropped, I was feeling utterly ill as I watched a fellow rider eat a hardboiled egg at the top of this summit, but I meet up with some fine ladies from Ironclad, Sharon, Alana, and Anna C and rode out the rest of the day with this troupe, so thankful I wasn’t on my own for the remainder.


The rest of the ride was both grueling and beautiful. My emotions swung from absolute relief to utter despair. The climbing was brutal and never ending, until it turned into a screaming bone rattling descent requiring all your attention not to wipe out. I pushed speeds descending and practiced cornering. I fell in love with my Black Beauty, especially with 37mm tires!

Black Beauty

Black Beauty

As the day was coming to a close, we had one more bitch of a climb on a road called Puddy Gulch. I could only have imagined what the road would have been like wet, as I thought the road was aptly named Pudding Gulch. I was the last to the top and totally relieved when the remainder of the ride’s altitude profile fit in my gps screen. Once back to the ranch, I had plans to cook up a burrito dinner, but I was ready to put this ride and myself to bed. The Velodirt crowd and many others stayed the night, broke open a piñata, and partied. I headed home.  I was pretty  wiped out and just as I was thinking “where is my garmin?” I saw a blue piece of plastic fly off the top of my car. Recovered and barely scathed, I held onto the strava proof!




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